Switzerland: A strong commitment to neutrality

Switzerland offers many possibilities for collaboration. Whatever you are looking for, let us connect you with the right partner to fulfil your needs.

Strengths of the market in brief:

  1. Central location in Europe, multilingual/multicultural European test market
  2. Mature trading nation with well-developed business infrastructure
  3. Business-friendly legal and regulatory environment
  4. Well-educated, reliable, and flexible workforce
  5. High-spending on R&D and strong collaboration between academia and business
  6. The macroeconomic environment is stable compared with European neighbors
  7. Very high per capita IT spending
  8. Many Swiss companies in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, banking, insurance, and reinsurance are of global importance


Key factors identified in Switzerland include but are not limited to:

  1. Strong demand for high-quality products and services with competitive prices
  2. The highly automated and efficient manufacturing sector
  3. Switzerland is a springboard for 3rd country business