Business in Malaysia: Vibrant business Environment

Supported by a market-oriented economy and pro-business Government policies, Malaysia offers investors a dynamic and vibrant business environment with the ideal prerequisites for growth and profits. Malaysia’s key strengths include well-developed infrastructure and a productive workforce.

Strategic Location
Malaysia is strategically located right in the center of South East Asia and perfectly placed to benefit from the vast Asia-Pacific market. Malaysia is a member of the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). It makes Malaysia a strategic location for connecting the country to the rest of Southeast Asia. Through the ASEAN, Malaysia has a regional market of over 600 million people at its disposal.

The political environment in Malaysia is considered one of the best in South-East Asia, offering businesses the stability they need for long-term success. The government also offers a very pro-business stance, implementing policies that improve the business environment for private enterprises. Tax incentives and financial subsidies are also offered to companies with pioneer status. The nation also allows foreigners to establish 100% foreign-owned companies and has an established financial sector.   

Great Infrastructure
Boasting a vast fixed and wireless infrastructure, Malaysia has one of the best telecommunications networks in the whole of Asia with fibre connectivity widespread except in rural areas.