Belize: Young and Promising Business Place

The Marshall Islands continues to be a popular jurisdiction for entrepreneurs and investors alike. The jurisdiction is considered to be a cooperative tax haven by OECD regulations, due to its international transparency standards exchange and agreeable stance on tax-related information exchange. 

Situated on the eastern coast of Central America, Belize has a stable and healthy economy. In fact, Belize also has the second-highest per capita income in Central Americas. The country’s economy is based mainly on tourism, agriculture, and service. 

Belize is a well-established banking jurisdiction. You can explore popular kinds of financial institutions available in Belize, such as Government savings banks or commercial banks. Offshore banking service is outstandingly very robust.
The banking system in Belize follows a two-tiered regime that offers a diversity of services for various types of depositors and different levels of demand.

Investment Policy
Belizean government strongly welcomes new investments in their country. In addition to a diversity of tax benefits for international business companies, there are also many supportive policies to give assistance to new offshore businesses.  There are certain incentives to attract foreign investors to Belize, such as EPZ – Export Processing Zones Program, Fiscal Incentives Program, Commercial-Free Zones, Repatriation of Profits and Dividends, and more.