Accounting and Administration


Accounting and bookkeeping services

Our company offers a complete range of accounting services, such as:

  • Bookkeeping services, assistance with the establishment of a chart of accounts and policies for posting operations, completion of statutory statements, assistance with the completion of group reporting requirements, costs accounting, pricing and budget control.

  • Accounting and financial administration.¬†

  • Setting up the accounting procedures and implementing the internal control methodologies.

  • Translation of financial statements in accordance with international recognized accounting standards.

  • Statutory audits and compliance accounting reviews with the objective of providing our clients with assistance to ensure compliance with legal, statutory and regulatory requirements.

  • Payroll services.¬†Payroll analysis reports and year-end payroll reporting procedures

Our certified accountants have vast experience in accounting, bookkeeping and back-office processing. They are consummate professionals who have experience with the business environment and cultures all around the world.

We focus on financial reporting of factors that influence decision making, operational control and managerial planning to accomplish your company's administrative goals.


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