Company formation

Company Formation Services

The formation of a company in an international (offshore) jurisdiction with favourable tax law and minimum exposure is now becoming more attractive than ever.

Entrepreneurs are now looking forward to forming an offshore company for a variety of reasons such as reducing the company’s tax burden or enjoying simpler regulations. However, this kind of investment requires ample preparation, aggressive but cautious strategic planning, and proper auditing, taxation, accounting, banking and a reliable partner who will provide customized solutions based on your needs and goals.

Different countries now offer modern and efficient company formation with logical corporate governance and fiscal legislation that provide a fertile ground for the financial sector to thrive.

ALKA’s years of experience in tailored management of corporate entities and trust structures is what makes us unique. Through our affiliate companies and strategic partnerships, we prove to offer an all-inclusive, seamless, multidisciplinary portfolio of high-end services.

You can rely on our legal consultancy, banking support, accounting, tax advice and compliance, company administration and governance, corporate and administrative services, as well as corporate governance and compliance – needed as part of the company formation process.

Forming a company in a foreign jurisdiction is never a simple matter. Obligations, procedures, timelines, languages and costs all vary widely from country to country.

Alka is expert in cross-border company formations, offering services to help with company formation globally. Our comprehensive services are delivered by experienced teams of local experts, giving you an insider’s understanding of the jurisdictions you are interested in.

A properly configured and managed business structure can provide substantial tax benefits, protect assets, improve business efficiency, reduce costs and maintain confidentiality.


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